Boutique Hotel La Cantera
Calle 306 Nº 173
El Calafate, Santa Cruz, 9405, Argentina
+ 54 11 15 4073-2025/+ 54 2902 49-5998
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Boutique Hotel La Cantera

With the amazing environment of Argentine Patagonia and its Glaciers, Boutique Hotel La Cantera is built on the top of the city, ensuring a seamless perspective and having access to both the city’s shopping center and any attraction you may want to visit. Inaugurated in 2004, it was the first Patagonian Boutique hotel in the area. The building was thought to provide such a cozy feeling that our guests can intermingle with the environment without isolating themselves from it. Let us guide you along the Hotel, we want to provide you with hospitality and an exclusive service.

Hotel Phone in Calafate: + 54 2902 495998

Reservations Office in Buenos Aires Phone:+ 54 11 4703 1688